5 highly effective ways to promote your blog content on Facebook

5 highly effective ways to promote your blog content on Facebook

Why do you create blog content? If you’re going about it the right way, it should be to distribute valuable, relevant information that attracts more of your target audience to your brand.

With nearly 2 billion monthly users worldwide and 50 million small business pages, it makes sense that you use Facebook to help you get your content out there. But if you’re reading this and haven’t done so much as set up a Facebook business page yet, why on earth not?

Statistics suggest that Facebook content generates 4 million likes every minute and is the most popular platform for content sharing, so how do you ensure your content attracts attention? Here are 5 effective ways to go about it:

  1. Make it appealing

When you see something pop up in your news feed, what makes you want to read more? If you’re like most of the population, it’s probably a combination of the headline, introductory text and image.

Your Facebook headline doesn’t have to be the same as your blog post’s, but you should make the benefit to the reader clear, keep it to 6-7 words, and include some call to action. You should also choose and balance your words carefully; keywords should ideally be included towards the start in order to draw viewers in. According to the Founder of CoSchedule, the most popular headlines are those that include a greater proportion of emotional words. This free marketing tool can help you quantify the emotional value of your headlines: http://www.aminstitute.com/headline/

You can also look at including an emoji in your headline. The Content Marketing Institute ran a test and found that a post with an emoji got a higher click-through rate.

Adding an aesthetically strong and ideally original image to your post will also dramatically increase its appeal.

If you’ve managed to attract people with a good headline and image, the next step is to ensure the introductory copy is well crafted enough to get viewers to click through. How do you do this? Well, you can use quotes and statistics to give your post credibility, you can also ask questions to ignite curiosity or outline what your post will give viewers (ideally a solution or advice to a problem they need help with). Whatever you do, don’t skip over this step.

  1. Share it widely

Facebook offers a great opportunity to try out different ways of sharing your content so you can see what gets the best results – just don’t do them all at the same time! You can:

  • Share a link directly to your blog with a short excerpt
  • Post a photo alongside a link to the blog
  • Post a video – Facebook’s new direct upload and autoplay features make it especially video-friendly
  • Post a text-only update with a quote or fact drawn straight from your content and/or a question to entice viewers to click on the URL

You can then use your own Facebook page to share all your posts, which can be especially helpful in increasing your posts’ organic reach when you’re starting out or trying to grow your business page likes.

  1. Engage your community

One of the best ways to get more people to ‘like’ your content is to prove its appeal. You can do this by encouraging your team to like and share it – seeing that others have read and liked it may just spark the interest of your target audience.

If your content references other organisations or individuals, you can also tag them in your post. Hopefully, they’ll return the promotional favour by sharing your post.

You can also increase the reach of your blog posts by sharing it on other relevant Facebook pages, but make sure you are up to speed on the rules so you don’t annoy anyone or get banned from the page – often, the pinned post will contain up to date guidance on this matter.

Another way of maximising your post’s potential is to search specific Facebook groups for relevant discussions using keywords. If you find a conversation where a link to your blog could help provide a part or whole solution to a problem someone is facing, take the time to respond – but make sure you tailor the response each time you contribute to a discussion and check back regularly to see if further questions have been raised from your post.

  1. Link, link and link

One of the most highly effective ways to increase reach post on post, is to increase the number of followers to your page. And the best way to do this is to promote it as widely as possible. You can spend a great deal of time creating and promoting content, but if you don’t promote your social media channels, no one will see it!

As a first step, you should make sure you have a Facebook share button at the bottom of all your blog posts and that your Facebook page is easily accessible via your website – ideally, you should include an icon in your header or footer. You can then include links to your Facebook page in your email signature, electronic documents, and a URL in all printed materials such as business cards and marketing communications. Posting links to your Facebook page via your other channels, for example, Twitter, may also help to increase your following.

Depending on your blog platform, you should be able to install a Facebook comments plugin so visitors leaving comments via your site will be asked to share them on Facebook by simply leaving a box checked.

  1. Pay to promote

If you want to push your blog content out to an even wider audience and you have some extra budget to hand, you can try out Facebook’s paid advertising options. You can pay to promote your blog on Facebook in four ways:

  1. Boost individual posts relating to your blog; simply click ‘Boost post’, edit your target audience and select a budget and duration. You can always run a one day trial to see how the post performs and then decide if it’s worth running the campaign longer term.
  2. Set up a specific advert on Facebook Ads Manager choosing much the same information as above. This will let you know how much your post costs per click, how much you have to spend to get 1,000 views and how many people actually click through to your link. By being able to select audience demographics, you’re more likely to get your post seen by the right people as well.
  3. Promote your page to get more likes; this will increase the likelihood of more people seeing your blog posts via your Facebook page in future.
  4. Attract more visitors to your website by paying to advertise a URL link to your blog.


By far the most effective tip we can give you is patience; it takes time and effort to build a loyal blog following, but as long as you persist, provide useful content, and follow these five highly effective tips, you’ll maximise the odds of your blog being seen by and resonating with the right people.

Facebook isn’t for every business, but for the majority it’s an essential promotional tool that’s simply become too big to ignore; if you’re not promoting your content on Facebook, the chances are your competitors will be.