5 podcasts all business leaders and marketers need to listen to today

5 podcasts all business leaders and marketers need to listen to today

Podcasting has seen an exponential growth over the past year and is quickly becoming one of the most accessible and cost-effective marketing tools available to businesses.

The term ‘podcasting’ is a portmanteau of ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcasting’, describing the increasing wave of audio and visual media files available for download via the internet.

According to the RAJAR Midas Winter report 2016, 4.7 million adults in the UK listen to podcasts compared from 3.7 in Autumn 2015. Whilst that’s a relatively low percentage of the population, a 27% increase in just over a year shows that the trend towards podcasts is set to continue growing – and fast.

From a business perspective, podcasts are a great way to raise your profile, increase your audience reach, drive new business enquiries and ultimately sales. On the flip side, they are a brilliant medium from which to learn and gain key insights that you can use for the benefit of your business.

So if you are new to the whole podcast thing, we’ll share with you 10 of our favourite podcasts that we listen to. Each one has their own merits but all provide at least one useful nugget of information that could be useful and even if the points being discussed don’t chime with you, they may at least spark a new idea that will (click images to be directed to respective podcasts).

#1 Monocle.com – The Entrepreneurs



We’ve been big fans of Monocle for around five years – the magazine’s aesthetic got our attention and once they launched The Entrepreneurs podcast series we remained hooked.

Each week, the Monocle team interview or profile successful entrepreneurs from all sectors all over the world. Recent podcasts have featured Richard Reed, co-founder of Innocent Smoothies, former Egon Zehnder executive Robin Roberts, and new executive search firm Gordon & Eden co-founders Sam Gordon and Sophie Eden.

#2 The Growth Show



A weekly podcast series from HubSpot which talks about all – as you might expect by its name – things to do with growing a business.

HubSpot’s CEO plays host and interviews various business leaders who talk openly about some of the challenges they have faced starting, running and growing their businesses – you quickly realise that the issues you face resonate across all sectors and are not exclusive to your own….which is rather assuring.

#3 The Bottom Line

evan davis


BBC Newnight anchor Evan Davis – who you may not realise is actually an economist too – hosts this weekly podcast in a business magazine format. Typically accompanied by a panel of guest speakers, each episode covers many of the topics that affect business leaders every day. Recent podcasts have included outsourcing of products and services, the impact of automation (AI) on the labour market, and how to develop millennial talent.

#4 K&W Business Radio



We work with a number of organisations who need thought leadership content aimed at c-suite executives, and this podcast has proven to be a great source of ideas.

Part of the Knowledge@Wharton platform at The Wharton School, K&W Business Radio is a US-based podcast that is able to tap into a pool of internationally renowned experts to discuss the latest thinking in disruptors, corporate culture, leadership and self- awareness in a management context. One such podcast featured Adam Grant, author of Originals and Give and Take and that’s good enough for us (we advise you to read his stuff or at least check him out on YouTube…insightful is an understatement!).

#5 Masters of Scale

masters of scale


LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman launched this new podcast channel in May this year and we rather like it. As you would expect, each podcast in interrupted by the occasion advert but its not enough to deter you from continuing to listen.

In Masters of Scale, Hoffman talks to fellow entrepreneurs about how they have scaled their businesses, gained traction and turned a profit. There’s a lot of “reaching out” and “we had that conversation” Americanisms but there are some excellent take-aways you can gather.