Meet the team Q&A: Kara Buffrey

by Kara Buffrey
by Kara Buffrey

Name: Kara

Time in business: 4 months

Position: PR Account Executive

1.)  Tell us your Clearly PR story 

I had just returned from a stint in Canada and was seeking my first graduate job! I found the job online amongst the 10,000 roles I had skimmed through. It looked like the sort of role for me. PR, a bit of content and a lot of fun, I was very intrigued.

2.) How did I feel when I heard I’d got the job?

I was driving and stuck in traffic and the email popped up, so I read it (naughty!). I was over the moon and those who know me best know that my driving is not good at the least exciting of times. Let’s just say I bunny hopped my way home!

3.) Tell us a bit about yourself 

I love to travel a lot, my grandfather calls me Judith Chalmers (those who don’t know who she is, she used to present ‘Wish You Were Here’ on TV). I also enjoy socialising, keeping active and catching up with friends. I’m very fortunate to have travelled a lot and met lots of friends all over the world; hence, my overwhelming love for social media and staying connected with people.

4.) Can you pinpoint your favourite moment from your interview?

Yes! My boyfriend, Toby, works in recruitment and was helping me edit my CV before I applied. Under my Experience, I had written about participating in Model United Nations at school. Toby told me to remove it because it was irrelevant, and I did it a long time ago, I refused. In the interview Paul loved that I had done this, and we had a huge conversation about it. Smug much!

5.) What did you want to be when you were growing up?

It changed as I grew up, in this order: Artist, illustrator, fashion designer, journalist and voila here I am, PR Executive. It was always going to be something creative.

6.) Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I have visited 25/195 countries of the world and each year I try to visit at least three new countries. In 2018, I visited four new countries! One day I wish to fly to the moon, Richard Branson can you hear me?

7.) What is your favourite part of your job?

To be honest, I love everything, I love being busy, I love social media, I love being kept on my toes and I love writing. My day is full of all of that!

8.) What has been your defining moment so far at Clearly PR?

My defining moment was getting my own quote published on about what Instagram TV meant for social media marketing. There are a couple of reasons why. It was super cool to see my name published, I was the lead quote above a number of marketing professionals which was a proud moment and I wrote my dissertation about Instagram, so it felt like it was all worth it in the end!

9.) Grass on a colleague and tell us a funny story about them

Paul falls asleep on trains, full on, mouth open, snore scenario. The annoying thing about this is I do too, it’s generally a snore-off.

10.) Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

That’s a tough one! I would like to be very successful, hardworking and hopefully in a great place in my life. Also, I would have to be at least on 40/195 countries or I would be very disappointed in myself.

11.) Describe Clearly PR in three words

Rewarding, cutting-edge and funny!