IMPRINT June 2017 front coverWe were surprised to learn that not all businesses want to hire a brilliant PR agency like us to manage their communications…we know, we couldn’t quite believe it either!

So we reckoned we could still play a role in helping them achieve their PR objectives – by sharing some best practice.

PR’s role within the marketing mix has graduated from being a nice-to-have before the recession to very much a central part of an organisation’s promotional strategy over the last few years. Trouble is that not everyone ‘gets’ where marketing ends and PR starts.

But that should not be seen as a problem – as our strapline says, you don’t need to know what PR actually is, you just need to understand what it can do for your business.

That’s what IMPRINT is all about.

IMPRINT is very much about sharing best practice. Yes we want to work with you, we are in business after all. However, we also recognise that sharing our experiences and those of the clients we represent is good for all of us.

If nothing else, by reading the magazine you get some great ideas that can make a significant impact to the way your brand is perceived, the wider audiences that you reach, and ultimately your bottom line…and we get to be seen as a bunch of PR’s who really do know our stuff.

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JUNE 2017

IMPRINT June 2017 front cover

In this issue:

  • 5 creative ways to engage journalists
  • Why winning awards is good for business
  • Is your website really working in your favour?
  • How the client/PR agency relationship really should work
  • How writing LinkedIn Pulse articles boosts your brand
  • Why some businesses need to shut down their Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • Are you boring or engaging clients?




MAY 2017

IMPRINT May 2017

In this issue:

  • How to turn your people into brand ambassadors
  • There’s more to PR than meets the eye
  • Using events to create a buzz for your new product or service launch
  • How to seduce top talent to work for you
  • How to put together your content plan
  • Before you hire a new PR agency…
  • Marketing’s heavyweights battle it out






IMPRINT March 2017 front cover

In this issue:

  • How to win back lasped customers (using PR)
  • Why the media don’t give a damn about you (and how to change all that)
  • What do your future employees think of you?
  • 5 proven ways to get in the media of most importance to you
  • How to rebuild trust in your organisation following a cyber breach
  • 10 ways to ace media interviews
  • Beyond the press release