Filling the skills gap: Time for recruiters to panic?






by Hannah Prigg PR & Communications Executive [email protected]

The economy’s finally heading in a positive direction, the recruitment industry is thriving and we can all breathe a sigh of relief, right? Well, no not really. Retaining and ensuring the continuation of a prosperous economy is going to mean blood, sweat and tears from all industry sectors, and let’s not forget there’s still a long way to go.

In the news this week, a report suggested that despite the volume of roles on offer European employers are struggling to fill vacancies available because of those candidates who are available lack the key skills required. In fact, Jobvite’s Social Recruiting Survey released in August, revealed that nearly 70% of 1,855 recruiters surveyed said they expected more competitive hiring over the next 12 months. So, when business is becoming increasing busy and its imperative that recruiters add to their workforce how do consultants find the right candidates to match the job description?

Email Marketing – You’ve heard all before but we really are fully immersed in the digital era, in-trays are practically extinct in the offices of many organisations as directors drive their workplace into a paperless environment. Email marketing is a cost effective method of personally targeting suitable candidates, the key is making your content engaging and personable – everybody already has too much spam.

Content Marketing – Think of your website as your virtual office and its content the voice of your employees. Populate your website with interesting sector specific information and entice candidates that are genuinely interested in their field.

Social Media – Social media is a tool that no organisation can afford to ignore. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook shouldn’t be solely used as a job board but can be utilised to drive traffic to your website. Candidates who are actively looking for work will have up to date professional networks such as Linkedin, meaning that if your business isn’t on the social networks strong candidates won’t find you. In it’s Social Recruiting Survey, Jobvite revealed that 73% of recruiters planned to increase their investment in social recruiting in 2014. Monitoring social media is also a good way to ensure you’re up to date with industry trends and sector specific news in real-time.

Branding – Your own branding is just as important as that of your clients and the personal brand of your candidates. It’s important that your recruitment organisation is distinctive to the various other outlets in the field, why would a potential client or candidate want to work with you? Sharing your goals online and having a mission statement shows the world that your business is ambitious and committed to connecting strong candidates with the right roles.

Understandably, with the new state of the economy and influx of work many recruiters fail to address their branding and marketing strategy. At ClearlyPR our main priority is the public’s perception of our clients, if your recruitment business needs a new image for 2015 give us a call.

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