Katie Hopkins: Professional Troll







by Jack Buckley PR & Communications Executive [email protected]

Katie Hopkins has been successfully exiled to that notorious arena where ‘celebrities’ go to revive their ailing careers – the Celebrity Big Brother house. Finally! Some level of control over the vitriol spewing from her opinionated fingertips! And all it took was the simple ability to not have the television on. Bliss!

Or so I thought.

The attack on the eyes and ears has only gotten worse. With clever application of someone else manning her Twitter account, the Tweets keep coming.  Paradoxically, CBB only seems to have improved her career, in part due to finding people marginally worse than her, and having her look sane and moderate by comparison.

Katie Hopkins is an entity that feeds on negative press, and public backlash. She’s essentially a professional Troll. Does anyone remember that apparently being a troll is worth a brief stint in prison these days?

Freedom of speech is one of the great pillars of modern society, a freedom made all the more valuable by the fact that other major countries in the world imprison dissenters

Freedom of speech has a number of exceptions… namely ‘’threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour intending or likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress or cause a breach of the peace.’’

Breaching the peace, harassment, insulting words… that sounds like Katie Hopkins to the letter. This then begs the question, why has she not been arrested?

From a moral standpoint, I feel ashamed to belong to the same country as this person. I feel ashamed that a British citizen is abusing such valuable freedoms and perverting their intentions to take cheap shots at Ebola victims, or to mock fat people.

I’m sure I’m not the only one, either, but in an age where ‘telling it like it is’ is a justification for this sort of behaviour, it’s no wonder that the televised ‘stirrer’ is exalted, when others are imprisoned.

When ‘tells it like it is’ is a just reason for voting a person into government, we’ll know we’ve gone too far, rightright??

Reputation travels far, and bad press follows its own unique laws and spreads far beyond its audience. If your company has a reputational crisis, call in the professionals.

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