Clearly PR & Marketing Communications is one of the biggest PR agencies in the UK that specialises in the Recruitment sector. We’re also the largest provider of Content Marketing solutions to the industry.

Over the last 12 months, we have created over 2,500 bespoke articles and thought leadership pieces of content for our recruitment clients, as well as producing over 1,000 social media posts – every month.

To date, we have worked with over 80 recruitment agencies, executive search firms, job boards and suppliers to the sector. And we want to work with more.

There are few people, if any at all, who ‘get’ the challenges and pain points facing recruitment businesses as much as we do – even fewer know exactly how to get you seen, heard and read by the clients and candidates who matter most to your business.

It is this reason that has seen us work with some of the most exciting, fastest-growing and largest players in the recruitment industry:

recruitment clients clealry pr

Here’s what some of our clients have said about the work we do for them:

International tech recruitment firm specialising in the French, German and Spanish markets: “The enthusiasm [of the Clearly PR team] and willingness to learn is there and that hunger translates into excellent copy and speedy delivery. The results are tangible. From our website alone, we’ve seen a 56% increase in visits to our blog over a six-month period which, in turn, has boosted our search engine ranking. We’ve also seen an uptake in visits to our LinkedIn recruiter profiles off the back of content that positions them as industry experts and we have received media coverage in numerous publications.”

Tech and engineering niche recruiter operating across the UK: “Since we started working together, we’ve seen traffic to our website increase by 49%, and the number of followers across our social channels has outstripped that generated by paid-for advertising formats by 9:1. The Board can’t quite believe the volume and relevance of everything that is being put out there to position us better in the market. Keep up the good work.”

Generalist recruitment agency operating throughout the Home Counties: “The quality and standard of work produced is simply excellent. Each campaign generates an increase in new business enquiries, several of which tranlsate into billings – one newsletter project alone resulted in a placement that was worth over £5,000 in commission.”

Niche recruitment firm: “We hired Clearly when the business launched, and on the back of the work they did for us we generated over £60,000 in new business revenues in just a few months.”

Want to see how we helped the clients above and many more like them? Download the PR for Recruitment brochure by clicking the image below.

PR for Recruiters by ClearlyPR December 2017
Take a look at the PR for Recruiters brochure from ClearlyPR