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45 to 60 minutes each day might not sound much. But, taken over the course of a typical working month, that adds up to 16-20 hours sourcing and posting social media content for your business – or 2-3 days.

Do you have that amount of time to spare, or would you benefit from someone else doing it for you?

There is a reason why very few PR and Content Marketing agencies offer a full social media service for their clients – it takes time to do.

From building your online audience and engaging with your communities in real time to finding, creating and posting content that your market is interested in, social media is not something that can be done over your early morning coffee.

Yet, when done right, it can have an enormous impact on your business:

  • It increases your brand awareness
  • It increases your SEO rankings, which makes you easier to find
  • It drives new traffic to your website
  • It enhances your reputation as a true go-to provider in your field
  • It generates new business enquiries that lead to sales

Let us help you

If time is not always on your side and you want to achieve the five benefits highlighted above, choose from one of the three following Social Media Packages for your business:

Social media options

Next steps

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