How media training can make or break your comms

The difference between an ‘OK’ media interview and one that is ‘great’ and serves as a springboard for repeat requests, invariably comes down to how well prepared the business’s key media spokespeople are.

8 April 2024 | 2 min read | PR
Clearly Team

We were tempted to write War & Peace on the importance of ensuring that your key spokespeople are trained in how to speak with the media – by which we mean interviews with journalists. But, we opted instead to let our James talk to you instead.

So, here he is. In under two minutes, James, Client Service Director, will share a glimmer into the difference between someone who has and one that hasn’t had media training.

More importantly, the significant difference this can have both on how your business comes across and the way in which your customers and prospects perceive you. Take a look:

Media training workshop

Done well, media interviews are a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal – but the ‘done well’ is key, and that makes media training invaluable. That’s where we can help.

Our half-day course will familiarise you with the media landscape and what journalists are looking for before running through techniques that will help you control your interviews, navigate difficult questions and bring the conversation back to your key messages if you go off track.

We’ll set up some mock interviews to put these new-found skills to the test. Your key people will left feeling more confident, polished, and better-plaved to represent your business in the most positive way.

Contact James via to get your media training workshop booked in.