Our customers’ top priority is to use PR, content and digital marketing to strengthen perception of their brand, stimulate growth, manage risk, and gain a competitive advantage in each market they serve, both sectoral and geographical.

How long is a typical contract?

Clients work with us on either a retained basis for six, 12 or more months, or on a project-by-project arrangement. On average, clients work with us for over 2½ years*.

What does the start of a campaign look like?

It is important to be aware that whilst you may have expectations of us in terms of the work we will undertake, the same sentiment applies to you too. We are only as good as the working relationship we have with our clients.

During the first month of working together, we will run a series of meetings. These are essential to ensuring the success of your campaign and maximising the return on your PR investment. These meetings always unearth stories that you may not realise will have media appeal. But that’s where we excel:

  • Information gathering meetings with people across the organisation, from customer/client facing staff to heads of department and members of the senior leadership team.
  • Development of customer/client/stakeholder personas of most importance to you. This will enable us to shape your key messages.
  • Preferred communication channels identified agreed. Not all PR campaigns need to focus on securing media coverage. Some are thought leadership-led and require a content marketing strategy aimed at raising the executive profiles of key figures within the organisation via authored thought leadership articles, pieces to camera videos, podcasts, webinars, and speaking opportunities at major industry events.
  • Key media outlets identified and journalist research undertaken. So, if your message is focused on workplace issues or ESG investing, for example, we will research all the journalists who have written or broadcasted stories on these areas witin the last six months and target our media communications strategy towards them to ensure maximum media impact for your business.

The key to a great working relationship is understanding the client’s needs and delivering something to help solve those problems, Clearly have absolutely nailed this.”

CEO, MRL Group (UK, France)
Where do you want to start?

*As at May 2024.

Get in touch to discuss your objectives and we can work together to put a plan in place to help you achieve them.