Client: Acre Securities
Services provided:
Key results:
  • 8,000 prospects reached.
  • +400% above target for qualified meetings secured (53 vs.13).
  • $250,000+ in sales directly attributed to this campaign – x10 their PR investment.

Why did they appoint Clearly?

Clearly’s managing director has been connected with the client for over 15 years. The client was aware of Clearly’s strength in content creation and the agency’s frequent market research reports on thought leadership.

Each of these repeatedly demonstrate how great content builds both brands and bottom lines. This clear understanding of how to link the two was exactly what the client needed – a content strategy that increases its profile and drives ROI.

  • To provide thought leadership content that would build brand awareness for the client and position them and their key people as true experts within their field.
  • To contribute to a sustained lead generation campaign and support the overall strategy to increase market share within their target market globally.
  • 4 months.
What would success look like to the client
  • Acre would become positioned as a leading visitor management systems provider of choice for the global Pharmaceutical and Finance markets.
  • The client would be perceived by its target audience and industry peers as an authority in this space and known for creating content that adds value.
  • Series of in-depth articles addressing the primary challenges and pain points facing their prospects that position the client as a provider of choice in an intensely competitive visitor management marketplace.
How we delivered value to the client

Achieving the objectives and success metrics above saw the Clearly team undertake the following actions:

  • To help build the client’s credibility within the visitor management industry, Clearly carried out a topic research project that enabled us to identify some of the most important challenges and pain points that their target market is experiencing. This enabled us to further develop them into what became a series of 12 in-depth thought leadership articles.
  • Each article was enriched with links away from the campaign microsite where they were hosted to relevant pages on the main website. This was done to provide readers with more information on the topic being discussed and to make it more authoritative and useful to the reader, such as a case study that brought the point to life.
  • Great care and attention were given to ensuring that each piece of content contained relevant keywords for greater organic reach across search engines.
  • A major industry-first market research project was commissioned that targeted the clients’ core demographic within orgnisations employing over 1,000 prospects across multiple sites globally within the Pharmaceutical and Finance industries. This served to demonstrate to their prospects that Acre has its finger on the pulse of the market and understands the primary challenges and concerns they have.
  • Each set of market research results was written up as a white paper and designed as a PDF for the client to share with their prospects.
  • In addition, the Clearly creative team produced infographics and motion graphics that were used to promote the results across social media and serve as a call to action.
Results we’re proud of

This project exceeded the client’s expectations by some way. The client presented the results in a webinar and within a short period of time reported the following results:

  • Total number of potential new customers reached with this campaign: 8,000.
  • Number of qualified meetings secured stood at 53 versus a campaign target of 13 – +400%.
  • More than $250,000 in sales could be directly attributed to this campaign – approximately 10x their investment with us.
If you want to create great thought leadership content that engages prospects and generates sales, get in touch today.