No one understands a B Corp like another B Corp. And Clearly PR has been a certified business since 2021 – one of the very first PR agencies in the UK to become so.

As a B Corp, you have business stories ready to be told. We want to tell them for you to the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

How we can help tell your business’s stories through media relations

The very nature of being a B Corp is that your business already has stories that it can tell. You’ve gained certification. Your company has delivered X amount of value to the local community. Your latest sustainable initiative has significantly reduced your organisation’s carbon emissions.

These are great stories that are likely to be of interest to your target customers and potential media choices, but our job is to unearth the wealth of other stories that are not so easy to spot

The Clearly team are investigators. We will discover newsworthy stories from within your business that you probably didn’t know were there. And that’s guaranteed – we’ve successfully done this with every client for over 10 years.

We’ll also identify the topics that your key people can speak authoritatively on and help shape your key messages and perspectives in a way that will pique the interest of journalists and editors.

Pitching your stories

Sometimes, clients already have a story that they want to make public.

In the case of a recently certified B Corp client, they announced the decision to transition to become an employee-owned trust (EOT). This is a great story and one that carries even greater gravitas because the client is one of the very first sustainable housing and construction companies in the UK.

Not all stories are obvious though, as this next example shows.

During a deep dive with one B Corp client, the managing director of a sustainable packaging company expressed a view: he believes consumerism may have caused the climate crisis, but societal values and technology can provide a solution to it. We pitched this to a leading trade magazine where he was quoted alongside a research Fellow from University of Oxford.

In each case, we:

  • Identified the client’s target audience and the media outlets that best serve their ideal demographic.
  • Conducted a media outreach exercise whereby we proactively approached those journalists and editors who have prior experience and interest in this subject matter.

The more targeted the media approach is, the better the media coverage each story generated.

B Corps we work with

Whether you operate in the Professional Services, Retail and Consumer, Manufacturing and Construction, or Charity and Third Sectors, we will work with you to uncover the stories that your customers and prospects want to hear and the media of most importance to you will be keen to publish.

Clearly PR is a B Corp PR agency. Since 2021, we have:
Next steps

Whether you want your known and yet to be discovered stories to be told to the media, or you wish to add your thoughts on a particular topic to the public conversation, we’ll help you achieve both.

Get in touch with us today and start building your business’s public profile and support your existing lead generation efforts.

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