What is media relations?

It is a question that causes a lot of confusion among marketers and business leaders alike. Most people see media relations and public relations as being two sides of the same coin. But they’re not.

Media relations is simply one aspect of what public relations does. Its job is to forge a link between the media and the client with the PR agency – Clearly PR – acting as the conduit between the two.

In other words, media relations is the process by which a PR agency takes your story and present it to the media of most importance to your organisation. The result: media coverage in the form of quotes, interviews, features, and profiles of your key people.

So, what is public relations?

Ask most people what public relations is and their response is likely to contain the words ‘press releases’ and ‘column inches’ in top media outlets. They’re not wrong because that’s the role played by media relations and media relations is a function of public relations.

Public relations is about enhancing relations with an organisation’s public. That could be customers, investors, employees, suppliers, partners, and their communities.

It involves understanding your message and then turning that into creative storytelling using a number of tactics, including corporate communications (internal and external), social media, and yes – media relations.

Our approach to media relations

Our role is to understand who your target audience is (customers, investors, other stakeholders), the media they are most likely to consume (trade press, regional/national newspapers/radio/TV, podcasts, events), and the most effective way to communicate your message.

We will help you speak to the people that matter most to your business. They could be new and current customers, new and current employees, or new and current stakeholders and investors. Whoever it is, we will work with you to build a strategy to reach and engage them effectively.

Our media relations specialists have experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes on a local and global scale. Every public relations and communications plan we run for clients is tailored to their specific needs.

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We can support you with:

  • Media relations campaign planning and management
  • Executive profiling and thought leadership
  • Crisis communications and issues management
  • Corporate/internal communications
  • Market research and industry reports
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