Rethink your approach when dealing with real-time threats to your reputation

A disgruntled former employee. A critical product failure. Customer passions turning to anger when they feel betrayed by the brand they once loved. The CEO makes a boo-boo during a live interview. Worse still, a few unwelcome skeletons come out of their closet and wreak havok.

Crises come in all shapes and sizes and each one must be managed in its own unique way. Corporate protocols and pre-determined ‘crisis plans’ can often be a distraction rather than a solution in the reality of the moment.

Prevention first, acting quickly second

When a crisis strikes, the pace is fast-moving and intense, and you need grounded and practical advice to get through it… with your reputation in tact. That’s where we come in.

We have advised and supported clients when they needed our help the most. Among those we guided:

  • A charity that found itself the focus of local, regional, and national media attention when a family accused it of neglecting their child’s specific needs and took to the media to vent their frustrations.
  • A recruitment company who suffered the tragic loss of a staff member on a work trip and the story was picked up by several national tabloid newspapers, regional media and local radio stations.
  • A private school became a social media punching back for angry parents when a popular and long-serving member of staff was dismissed following a robust disciplinary process.
  • A management consultancy firm serving FTSE250 and UK Government departments got caught up in the crossfire when a leading diversity and inclusion body made sensational claims that placed our client with links to the body at the centre of national media interest.

Each had their own challenges that were unique to them. All threatened to muddy their good name, and every one of them came through their crisis with trust restored and their reputations fully in tact.

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