How can your decisions be influenced by effective marketing intelligence?

If you are new to market intelligence, there is a plethora of powerful reasons as to why investing in this area can deliver significant returns on your PR spend:

  • Market intelligence: You get a better understanding of the key trends affecting your market. This helps you to shape your PR and content marketing campaigns around the needs and wants of your target audience and concentrate on creating stories focused on where the demand is greatest.
  • Customer intelligence: Data relating to how your customers perceive you from a trust and loyalty perspective can provide invaluable insight into the things you are great at doing and those where you need to improve. This can be critical to positioning your organisation as a product or service provider of choice.
  • Competitor intelligence: Intelligence on what your competitors are doing in the media and with their content market enables you to identify the activities you need to undertake to help you compete with – or overtake – them.
  • Growth intelligence: Opportunities for growth can come from sound market intelligence reporting. It helps organisations to identify new markets, spot emerging products or services that could open up new revenue streams, and pinpoint those prospects that are in the market for what your organisation provides.
We can support you with:
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty analysis that measure levels of trust and continued buyer intention.
  • Brand awareness and audience reach to determine levels of recognition of the organisation both pre and post campaign.
  • Market research that provides either a general overview or deeper insight into each market of operation, whether sector or geography.
  • Analysis of current market position and competitor activity from both a PR and SEO perspective.
  • Skills demand and salary trends reporting.
  • Weekly summaries of the main stories from your industry and target sectors.

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