Double-winning week for Clearly

1 July 2021 | 3 min read | News
Paul MacKenzie-Cummins
Paul MacKenzie-Cummins

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We are thrilled, ecstatic and every other adjective that comes to mind that expresses how happy we are to announce that Clearly has won two major PR industry awards this week.

The PRCA is the world’s largest membership body for the PR industry, and each year it celebrates the best campaigns, best agencies and best people in its showcase DARE Awards. Clearly entered two categories – Medium Consultancy of the Year, and Diversity and Inclusion PR Campaign of the Year.

And we won… both!

Clearly, like any business, has faced its fair share of challenges over the years but none were as testing as those during the height of the pandemic. The PR industry, as a whole, was hit incredibly hard by the downturn, as clients paused or shelved their media and communications plans whilst they switched to survival mode. We were not immune to this.

Clearly lost a number of its clients within a very short period of time, and we went from having our highest billing month ever in March 2020 to recording our lowest for three years within just six weeks.

But we are a resilient bunch, it’s in our DNA. Rather than wallow in a pity party and allow circumstances to determine our fate, we focused on what we could change because when you’re going through hell you must keep going (Churchill). In doing so, you earn the right to choose your own fate.

By the end of 2020, we had recovered all revenue that had been lost due to the pandemic and in March 2021 we were ahead of where we were 12 months previously. Since then, we have recorded our highest ever billings three times in the last four months.

All of this is the result of the team who came together, supported one another and their clients, and pulled out all the stops to help bounce back in 2020 and bounce forward in 2021.

Against this backdrop, I hope you get a sense of how proud I personally am of the team and all that they have done and continue to do. It was they who effected a quite remarkable turnaround and position us on such a strong footing that the PRCA recognised Clearly as the Medium Consultancy of the Year for the last 12 months within the South West region.

Moreover, our work for one client in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement saw us scoop the award for Diversity and Inclusion PR Campaign of the Year, too. You can read the case study here.

2020 was annus horibilis for many businesses, but for all its downsides there was a plethora of upsides to emerge from it (although they weren’t always obvious at the time). As we move further into the second half of 2021, all signs point to a period of growth. It is my hope this will banish the financial pains and losses felt by many business from the year before, and that they may once again be able to look to the future with positivity and confidence.


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