GB News mockery of climate change rallying call for B Corp community

22 August 2023 | 3 min read | ESG
Portrait photo of Paul MacKenzie-Cummins
Paul MacKenzie-Cummins

Journo-bashing is not something that PR agencies tend to do. After all, we need journalists and editors on our side to get media coverage for our clients as much as they need us to ensure a steady flow of great story content. It is a mutually beneficial relationship, and one where both parties prosper.

But there are exceptions.

First, there was The S*n – a newspaper that Clearly has boycotted for 10 years. Now there is GB News thanks to the actions of two of their journalists a few days ago.

In a live broadcast with a representative from Just Stop Oil, the two journalists took it in turns to dismiss climate change and mock the media spokesperson from the campaign group. That is bad enough, but it gets worse.

The two journalists piddled themselves laughing before bursting into uncontrollable giggles when the spokesperson stated that the recent heatwaves in parts of Europe and elsewhere have seen people quite literally boil to death. They thought this was hysterical and told the Just Stop Oil campaigner to “grow up.”

These journalists are of course a pair of ignorant eejits. But, I urge you to watch the interview:

Remaining too long inside climate change echo chambers leaves us ignorant to the views of such skeptics. That then makes it a lot harder for us as businesses to educate and inform them as to the undeniable facts and realities of what we’re facing.

As a B Corp, which we are, or any purpose-led and ESG-focused organisation for that matter, we each have a responsibility to talk about the sustainability initiatives our businesses undertake.

We need to focus less on the fluffy “We’re so excited to be doing X or Y” messaging in our blogs, videos, and press releases, and more on the “And this is what that means in terms of reducing our impact on the environment.”

“We each have a responsibility to talk about sustainability… it’s the only way to win the war against the climate deniers and influence positive change.”

That’s why this video is a must-watch. It is a stark reminder, if one was ever needed, as to the challenge that remains when it comes to championing positive change and converting the skeptics to want to become a better business.

Together, we can use the power of PR for good. So, what you waiting for?

Contact me and let’s get your PR started. The more that you, we, all of us bang the drum of the need to be more responsible ,greater the chance we have to realise the change that is most desperately needed: