How PR unlocks growth opportunities

Did you know that PR can be one of the most powerful drivers of business growth? With the right strategy and execution, PR has the potential to transform a company’s reputation, reach new audiences, and unlock major growth opportunities. That’s not just us talking, it’s our clients too.

3 July 2024 | 4 min read | ESG
Portrait photo of Paul MacKenzie-Cummins
Paul MacKenzie-Cummins

With economic growth these past few months being a tad on the sluggish side (that’s putting it mildly), many companies have been struggling to grow.

Often, we see them pouring money into marketing and advertising but see very little return. Sales stagnate, buyer intentions remain on pause, and before you know it the targets for the year are being revised (downwards).

As someone who spent 10 years selling advertising before transitioning into PR back in 2006, I am a fan. But its impact is limited, and it doesn’t deliver the outcomes that businesses want over the long term.

PR opens doors that advertising alone often can’t. Research shows that earned media drives higher trust and recall than paid media. Positive stories travel far on their own momentum and can create a viral effects, whilst interest from journalists validates you as an industry leader.

One of the challenges we face as a sector is that many business leaders underestimate the power of PR. They view it as simply getting press mentions and managing crises.

But modern PR – especially in the post-pandemic era – is so much more. It’s about strategic storytelling, relationship building, thought leadership, and generating authentic interest in your brand.

That is often easier said than done. Often the problem we see is organisations sending out messages to their potential customers that often leave them hanging.

For example, the value that customers could get by doing business with that organisation might not be obvious either. This is sometimes the case with B Corps.

Indeed, some B Corps fail to get the balance right between promoting their great environmental and social initiatives and what the business can do for customers. Their B Corp status should be viewed as value ‘added’ not the ‘reason’ for entering into a transaction.

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Another challenge might be that you haven’t established your thought leadership credentials just yet. This could see you losing out to your competitors who are more vocal about the trends, challenges, and issues facing your sector which in turn positions them as ‘go-to’ providers of choice.

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But this doesn’t need to be the case. Savvy organisations recognise the growth possibilities to be gained by leveraging PR. PR boosts visibility and shapes perception. It positions you as an authority and gets you in front of the right audiences.

A well-developed and well-executed PR strategy has been proven over and over again to deliver positive results for organisations, ranging from new customer acquisition, increased brand awareness, enhanced reputation, and growth.

With PR’s help, you go from invisible to impossible to ignore. Sales prospects come knocking. Partnerships strengthen. New market opportunities open up. Growth accelerates. Growth!

PR is no longer an optional nice-to-have. It is an essential element of the promotional mix for any truly focused forward-thinking and growth-orientated business.

Clearly PR is more than a PR agency; we’re the growth and reputation management partner of choice for organisations throughout the UK and Ireland as well as a growing number of B Corps. We have been a certified B Corp ourselves since 2021 and were only the seventh PR firm in the UK to gain accreditation.

If growth is in your plans over the next six months and beyond, partner with us. You can see how we have achieved this for other clients on the Our Work page. Perhaps we can work together to do the same for you, too?

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