Our George keeps on moving up

5 February 2023 | 2 min read | Careers
Clearly Team

The start of February saw our George promoted to the role of Senior Creative Content Manager. This is a key position that will see George take a leading role in expanding Clearly’s creative content offering.

George joined Clearly in August 2018, initially as a PR Account Executive. Over time his role began to evolve and take on a more creative aspect. This eventually saw George move into the role of Creative Content Executive – a position created for him where he could focus more of his time on the work he was most interested in doing.

But it wasn’t until the pandemic of 2020 that his role as a creative content specialist really began to take shape.

With the agency facing great uncertainty when the economy was effectively placed on hold, Clearly identified the opportunity to develop a new range of services that would enable clients to amplify their content and boost their digital footprint. George played a key role in making this happen.

Over the last two years, the creative content team has grown into a three-person entity with George at its helm.

This team is now delivering strategic and brand-driven content ranging from infographics and motion graphics, to vlogcasts, podcasts and branding services for law firms, recruitment businesses, accountancy practices, manufacturers, charities, and high-profile individuals.

Massive congrats to George a thoroughly well-deserved promotion!