Royal reputation at risk, unless…

16 February 2023 | 2 min read | Clearly News
Clearly Team

Few, if any, couples have grabbed and commandeered the limelight as much and for as long as Harry and Meghan. It sometimes feels that not a week can pass without one or both taking over our front pages and dominating the airwaves.

Their reputations are very much on the line, but they are by no means alone. According to a recent poll, the Royal family itself has seen a drop in popularity in recent months.

Could this be in the wake of a series of allegations made against his family in Harry’s much-publicised autobiography, Spare, that have turned some people against the Royal household – temporarily at least?

Or perhaps the public are fed up with hearing about the trials and tribulations of one of Britain’s wealthiest families at a time when the rest of us are facing a cost of living crisis that Harry and the rest of the Windsors are entirely immune to?

Whatever the reason for the drop in popularity, the Royal household has a job on its hands. With the coronation of HRH King Charles just around the corner and Harry and Meghan’s seemingly insatiable desire to court controversy and grab the media’s attention at every opportunity, there is every likelihood that another attack on the reputation of the Royals will come.

So, what should they do? Is their policy of ‘no comment’ aiding or hurting them? In this short video, our Rachael and Paul talk through the best approach for the Royals to consider if they wish to regain public opinion and even enhance their reputation:

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