Why I chose to do work experience in PR

19 July 2023 | 3 min read | Careers
Clearly Team

By Juliet Becker

Why I chose to do work experience in PR is probably not the first thing you want to know. If you’re reading this, you are, or were, most likely just like me. You’re probably not quite sure where marketing ends, and PR starts, and where it all fits in the modern world. Unfortunately, I can’t answer that just yet, but I’m here to tell you how my work experience helped me to answer with these questions. 

Truth is, growing up with one passion – to be able to write – you will be told your whole life that you won’t make any money. You might even spend your secondary school experience being faced with numbers and statistics and a seemingly drab reality that you cannot simply become an author. And then its time to get some real-world experience in your desired field…. then what do you do? 

No matter what company or industry you end up pursuing in the future, there is a strong chance that in this world of 24/7 news cycles, media and overall digital age, content is at its centre. The term ‘public relations’ will get thrown around a lot, and it’s even considered a luxury.  

However, public relations is about being heard, it is about delivering the information about a client that they want to be heard, how they want to be represented. Currently, being able to communicate, write, get your point across is a key skill.  

Public relations prioritises communication and building networks which is crucial in this era of image, reputation, ‘cancel culture’, and the general proliferation of digital platforms. Now, more than ever, PR is significant in determining the success of a company and has rose to importance with the recruitment challenges that have increased in the wake of the pandemic. 

Finally, as a student pursuing their education in the midst of this content- focused working-world, it did not take long to realise that there could be a place for you amongst all the  creators of your generation, and a published novel might not be the only way you can see your words on paper.  

As it turns out, the world needs creative people just as much as it needs brainy ones, and if words are your medium, you are already in demand. Hence, I approached Clearly for work experience as a first year A level student as soon as it dawned on me the issue that arises when you are looking to begin your career; no one wants to hire you without the experience or industry exposure, and it will take more than just a university degree to prepare you.  

Work experience or an internship at a PR agency gives you the opportunity to build a skill set that a textbook or classroom environment cannot offer you. Furthermore, from the experience of a student on the brink of choosing their university subjects, it is easy to blindly choose a degree that you think will make you money. As an intern, you enter a learning process which can help you determine whether the field is right for you and put you on the right path for your ‘dream’ career.