VIDEO SERIES: Mastering your ESG communications

5 March 2024 | 2 min read | Crisis Comms
Clearly Team

Talking about the good stuff your business is doing isn’t always easy. If you don’t get it right, your audience will soon mistake your undoubtedly good intentions for purpose-washing.

In our latest series of videos, Paul talks through why you need an ESG communications strategy and, more importantly, how to do it more effectively.

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Video 1

Do your customers care whether you care about sustainability and social impact or not? Absolutely. In Video 1, Paul explains how a change in consumer attitudes means businesses with an effective ESG comms policy are coming out on top.

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Video 2

The less you say, the more you’re heard. It seems an odd concept, but Paul takes you through why it’s important to temper your communications, and to focus on telling your customers about the impact over the initiative.

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Video 3

A sound ESG comms strategy benefits both your reputation and your revenue – there’s no use in shying away from that. When on the procurement and tender trail, businesses are increasingly being measured on their ESG performance, as much as their financial performance.

In the final instalment of this series, Paul recaps what we’ve talked about so far and, hopefully, sets you up for success in your ESG communications.

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