Clearly wins Best Marketing Campaign Award and Winner of Winners

Clearly PR wins the Marketing Campaign of the Year AND Winner of Winners award at the 2024 Creative Bath Awards – the South West’s pre-eminent celebration of the region’s creative industries.

24 May 2024 | 4 min read | Clearly News
Paul MacKenzie-Cummins
Paul MacKenzie-Cummins

This week, Clearly PR scooped two of the most important awards for the South West region at this year’s Creative Bath Awards – the biggest and greatest celebration of the creative industries in our city.

We were shortlisted for three awards this year. The first was the Young Creative of the Year, which was an excellent opportunity to showcase the remarkable work that our Kirsty delivers for clients day in day out.

Next, was the Agency of the Year – an award we won back in 2022 and, if we’re honest, are still dining out on!

And the third was the Marketing Campaign of the Year – another category that we are previous winners of for a brilliant campaign that the team ran in 2021 for a major diversity and inclusion organisation.

We narrowly missed out on both the Young Creative Award (although with an upper age limit of 30 years we still have a further six more shots at the title for Kirsty!) and the Agency of the Year award, too. However, we were truly chuffed to pieces to land the Marketing Campaign of the Year award.

This was a campaign unlike anything we have done before, as I’ll attempt to briefly explain.

Raising hope, expanding conversations

In the summer of 2023, a new charity focused on raising awareness and expanding conversations around suicide and mental health was launched. We were approached and appointed to provide charity PR support with the aim of getting their name and message ‘out there’ among the media.

Led brilliantly by our James Gwinnett, the award-winning PR campaign generated over 370 pieces of media coverage for a newly launched suicide awareness charity over six months. The campaign’s message was “To improve the conversation around suicide”, and that’s exactly what our work facilitated.

From BBC Breakfast and Radio5Live, Sky News and Channel 4, to the Manchester Evening News and Planet Radio, literally millions of people across the UK saw or participated in the campaign.

It was a campaign like no other, and one that affected all of us working on it on an emotional level. It was important. It mattered. It will be a campaign that every one of us will remember for the rest of our careers. More important, it sparked a much-needed conversation that is continuing today.

You can see more on this now award-winning campaign by clicking on the case study link here.

The Judges said:

“Brilliant ideas are rare – and brilliant ideas which have such impact and are so important are much rarer still. What Clearly PR created with the Baton of Hope team is extraordinary. The judges were particularly keen to highlight that they were impressed and proud that this highly successful national campaign was created and implemented by a Bath business.”

“Powerful, important, creative campaign generating extensive media coverage. Impressively thought out, well-executed campaign. We should be impressed and proud that this has been created and implemented by a Bath business.”

And there’s more…

Unbeknownst to us, Creative Bath had one final award to hand out on the night. The judges were reportedly so moved and inspired by the impact that The Baton of Hope campaign had made that they voted to award Clearly PR with the so-called ACE Award – an award that is given to the overall winner of winners.

We’re still on a high and will likely remain so for some time. The PR industry has faced so many challenges over the last few years, not to mention the increased difficulties in securing media coverage in an increasingly noisy world.

But by truly understanding our clients, their goals and objectives, their motivations and passions, and sharing many of those ourselves, we are always able to unearth a wealth of stories that are not so easy to spot and are often missed. It is these stories that so often have the greatest media appeal.

These awards are a great way to close off the first half of the year, and they’re a great motivator to push us a wee bit harder as we enter the second part of the year. First, we need cake to celebrate!!

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