Video: Overcoming the difficulty in getting media coverage

It has become increasingly difficult to generate media coverage for businesses over the last three or four years. There are many reasons for that, but what businesses really care about is how to overcome this challenge. Cleary’s Rachael and Paul discuss this and share the insights that have enabled our clients to get the media attention they want.

3 May 2024 | 2 min read | PR
Clearly Team

Media outlets are bombarded by PR agencies and businesses sending press releases to them. Indeed, it’s estimated that the average journalist can receive as many as 20 or 30 every day, yet they will only run with two or three of them.

Grabbing their attention and convincing them that your story is right for their media outlet is hard. That’s because there are so many things you must consider. For example:

  • Have the journalists you’re pitching talked about the subject before and already have an interest in the topic?
  • How does the story fit with the current news agenda – is the timing right?
  • Does your story shed a new light on an already talked about subject and, if so, is it backed up with data?
  • Journalists will spend fewer than 20 seconds (if that) looking at a press release, so does it get to the point quickly and give them a reason to continue reading for more information?
  • And who is sending the release in the first place – what authority, expertise, credentials, and reputation in their sector does the business have?

In this video, Clearly PR’s Rachael Hewitson, Senior Account Manager, and Paul MacKenzie-Cummins, Managing Director, talk through some of the challenges and how businesses can overcome their PR hurdles to secure the media coverage they are looking for.

Watch now:

Scroll for:

30 secs – Has Joe Lycett changed the way in which businesses and brands pitch the media?

3:20 – How important is it to have a strong subject and headline line in a press release?

4:40 – The key information needed in the opening paragraph of your press release.

5:30 – What makes a story one that the media will be interested in?

8:00 – What can be done when a good story isn’t getting any media traction?

13:00 – Getting the timing of your press release distribution just right.

14:20 – Top tips for pitching media releases to the media.

If you need support in getting the media attention you feel that your business deserves, get in touch and let’s talk through your options.