Increase the certainty of your PR success

The success (and failure) of any PR ambitions that an organisation has, is always determined by the strategic planning that underpins it. Clearly PR’s senior team will help you to clarify what ‘success’ looks like and formulate a real-world practical PR plan that your inhouse team can implement. 

  • Paul – 18 years in PR, 11 years in advertising.
  • James – 15 years in PR
  • Lucie – 14 years in PR, 3 years in journalism

We will work with you to find the smartest way to deliver the outputs and impact, influence, and bottom line outcomes that you want from your PR investment.

Our senior team’s expertise and experience spans start-ups and early stage businesses, to large-scale national and international organisations with turnovers rangning from £5 million a year to £100m+. These clients use us to de-risk their PR investment decisions and increase their RoI.

How this works in practice

We could have a handful of meetings with you before going away to create a ready-to-go PR strategy that your inhouse team can immediately implement. But that would be a massive opportunity missed for you.

A critical element of the Clearly PR Advisory Service is to involve you and your key people at every stage of the process. This is so that your teams can see at first hand how those with expert knowledge and experience create a PR strategy that makes the outcomes you desire more certain.

Outputs you can expect from our Advisory Service:
  1. Identify the PR tactics that have a greater chance of delivering the outcomes you want.
  2. Develop the messages that both represent the business in the most effective way and act as a trigger for action with your customers and stakeholders.
  3. Ideas for campaigns that will expose you to more of the right people at the right time.
  4. Create a PR strategy that brings the three points above together and is ready to be rolled out by your inhouse team, or by Clearly PR if you opt to do so.
Options for you

There are two ways in which Clearly PR’s Advisory Service can support your organisation:

  1. Advisory Service as outlined above. This is a one-off project.
  2. Ongoing Advisory-only Service on a retained basis with a monthly fee that includes:
    • Your own PR advisor on hand when you need them.
    • Support with developing ideas for PR campaigns.
    • Input into managing effective content marketing campaigns.
    • Market intel for your sector that helps inform your decisions.

Click here to read more about the Clearly PR Advisory-only Service.

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We also provide training to upskill your people:
  • Media and press relations
  • Crisis and reputation management
  • Content marketing
  • Digital and social media
  • Branding, personal branding and messaging
  • Customer segmentation and journey planning
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